Keith Richards

The subject of effects pedals recently surfaced in the ongoing “Ask Keith Richards” video series that’s been airing on YouTube. Responding to the question, “Why do you hardly ever use guitar pedals?” Richards replied: "I aim to get the sound that I want coming straight out of my amplifier. Aware as I am that I was the bugger that started the foot pedal [thing] with 'Satisfaction,' to me that was a one-off effect.

"I'm not gonna go around on stage doing tip-toes on different machines. I expect my sound to be coming out of my amp, and I don't want to change it once it's there. I'm not fancy."

The veteran rocker then offered a succinct summation: "I need my feet to stand up."

The foot pedal Richards famously used for “Satisfaction” was a Gibson Maestro Fuzz-Tone, first marketed in 1962. The song’s iconic fuzz-riff triggered a run on the device that led to sales of more than 40,000 units.