John Fogerty

John Fogerty is getting ready to release his new solo album Wrote a Song For Everyone. The album sees Fogerty collaborating with a variety of artists on classic Creedence Clearwater Revival songs, Fogerty’s own hits as well as new compositions. The album opens with an edgy version of “Fortunate Son” where Fogerty is backed by Foo Fighters. The recording features heavy overdriven rhythm guitar from Dave Grohl, and an almost punk-rock drum sound from Taylor Hawkins.

Fogerty spoke about the Foo Fighters collaboration with Rolling Stone, saying: “It was palpable, the air. You could tell a band was in there. It was a unique group of people.” Some of the other collaborations include Kid Rock on “Born on the Bayou,” and Bob Seger on “Who’ll Stop the Rain.” Wrote a Song For Everyone is released on May 27 in Europe, and the following day in the States.

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