Green Day at SXSW

Green Day have done their first full live show since Billie Joe Armstrong's stint in rehab. The punk trio took the stage at South By Southwest on March 15, playing a two-hour set at Austin's Moody Theater. Opening with "99 Revolutions," the first half of the show contained quite a bit of new material from the band's recent trio of albums ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡TrĂ©!, while the latter part of the show was more of a greatest hits set, including cover snippets of "Sweet Child O' Mine," and "Highway to Hell."
NME report that at one point in the show, Armstrong was addressing the crowd through a microphone that was not turned on. When he realized his mistake, he jokingly said, "I wasn't even on drugs," referring to his recent troubles. The show was similar to what we've come to expect from the band in recent years, with the boys inviting fans up on stage to sing with them, and shooting t-shirt cannons in to the audience. The show served as a warm up gig to Green Day's upcoming US tour, which kicks off on March 28 in Rosemont, IL.