Craig Anderton

On October 20th at 11 am Eastern Digital October will be hosting a live-linkup lecture with Craig Anderton, Vice President and Evangelist for Gibson, the world-renowned manufacturer of musical instruments and equipment.

At Gibson, Craig is known as none other than the Chief Magic Officer, and sound designer Craig Anderton, who has spent the past thirty years researching, developing, and popularizing digital technologies for the arts, will discuss how the music of the future is going to be made.

Well-known musicians from different generations and genres will be coming to his lecture to speak about the role of technology in art: Rudolf Schenker, founder of the legendary rock group the Scorpions, hero of the Russian alternative stage Noize MC and Andrey Ivanov, founder of the electronic project Triplex. The discussion moderator will be Alexander Anatolyevich, the legendary VJ from Russian MTV.

Craig Anderton is highly prized by the industry for being the kind of person who’s capable of putting the most complicated information solutions into terms that music-lovers and professionals are able to understand.

Over the course of the live-linkup, Craig will discuss whether or not the ordinary tablet could become a universal musical instrument, the future of music and the role of the computer in it and how the development of digital technology is affecting the process of simultaneously creating and recording music.

Admission to this event is free of charge thanks to the project’s general partner, Rostelecom. Just register and show up at the Digital October Center.