Hot Water Music

Not all music fans took notice when Gainesville, Florida, punk act Hot Water Music announced they were breaking up in 2006, but the ones who did took the news hard. Well, those fans can now take solace. Next month, Hot Water Music will be playing three reunion shows in Orlando, Chicago, and Sayreville, New Jersey—and the band couldn’t be more excited.

“At least for me, it's been a while since I've played anything this aggressive,” explained bassist Jason Black. “It's also a ton of fun to go back and listen to records and fix all of my garbage-ass bass parts from when I was but a wee lad.”

Although Hot Water Music never experienced huge mainstream success, their passion-fueled punk rock inspired countless bands and provoked many a Jameson-fueled sing-along. While it’d be a stretch to call their aggressive, Les Paul-influenced rock “emo,” Hot Water Music proved it’s okay to wear your heart on your sleeve—even when you’re sporting a beard like a lumberjack.

Since Hot Water Music disbanded two years ago, they’ve kept busy, with vocalist/guitarist Chuck Ragan pursuing a solo career and the other three members performing together in the Draft. However, since the band’s longtime label No Idea is about to release their second singles compilation, Til The Wheels Come Off, Black says the reunion “seemed like a reasonable thing to do at this point.”

While Hot Water Music haven’t confirmed any more shows or decided if they’ll record any additional full-length CDs, Black says these reunion sets will be longer than a typical show. The band is looking into setting up a system so that fans can pick the songs the band plays—although, as Black admits on the band’s official site, “Not too much, though. You guys like some terrible songs.”

Ultimately, whether you’re an old fan who wants to get nostalgic or someone who didn’t get into the band until the past few years, these shows will certainly prove how relevant and groundbreaking Hot Water Music were and remain today.

Let’s just hope they don’t go breaking up again anytime soon. You got that, guys?—Jonah Bayer