Dave Schneider with Gibson Guitar

Earlier this week musician Dave Schneider was told by Delta Airlines that he couldn’t carry on his 1963 Gibson ES-335 TD guitar on a flight to Detroit and had to check it.

Unfortunately, on landing, Schneider discovered that his guitar had been crushed between a service elevator and loading dock at the gate.

Dave turned down Delta’s offer of $1,000 for his $10,000 vintage guitar. Luckily, Gibson came to the rescue by giving Dave a new ES-335, which he picked up today at Gibson’s New York Showroom.

“As soon as we saw the picture of the crushed guitar case and heard Dave’s story, we felt immense sympathy for him,” said Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz. “At Gibson we’re committed to music and those who love and appreciate their instruments. For musicians like Dave, instruments are practically members of their family. It was only right to replace his guitar, and we are happy to have him at our showroom."

Dave Schneider is the lead singer of the Zambonis and lead guitarist of a Jewish band called The LeeVees. He says he’s happy to be able to continue performing thanks to Gibson's kindhearted gift.

UPDATE: Sunday, January 13th, 2013

10:20 AM CT -Watch David's recount of his fateful flight, and share the big moment with him, when he is presented with a stunning new Gibson ES-335.