Gibson GuitarTown III is set to launch on July 17 on West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, where a new round of 10-foot tall guitar sculptures will be unveiled. Each sculpture will celebrate a musician, personality or artist unique to Sunset Strip history. Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda is donating an original piece to the collection, in advance of the band’s upcoming performance at the Sunset Strip Music Festival on August 3.

The guitars—giant Les Paul models constructed of painted fiberglass—will remain on display until February 2014, at which time they will be auctioned. All proceeds from GuitarTown III will go to Music for Relief, a non-profit organization founded by Linkin Park. Launched in 2005, Music for Relief’s primary mission is to provide aide to survivors of natural disasters. The charitable organization also raises funds for preventative measures taken to mitigate the impact of such disasters.

Gibson GuitarTown on the Sunset Strip debuted in August 2010, when more than twenty 10-foot tall guitars were put on display. The subsequent auction of the giant-sized models yielded $54,360, with profits going to Los Angeles Youth Network (LAYN), West Hollywood Arts & Cultural Affairs Commission and the West Hollywood Library. Gibson GuitarTown II debuted in March 2012, with the related auction netting $52,280. Those profits were donated to the Los Angeles Fund for Public Education’s “Arts Matter” campaign.