It’s no accident that Chuck Berry pioneered rock and roll guitar with a Gibson ES-350T, say authors Alan Di Perna and Brad Tolinski. Yesterday (Oct. 18), Guitar World published an excerpt from the authors’ recent book, “Play it Loud,” in which they write:

“The Gibson ES-350T was particularly well suited to Berry’s gyrations. In the mid Fifties, electric guitar players had two choices: either a full hollow-body or a compact solid-body. Gibson had been receiving requests from players for something in-between the two styles, so in 1955 their first “thinline” electrics were developed.”

Chuck Berry

The authors continue: “The guitar’s medium build was a perfect fit for Chuck’s high-energy stage presentation. Chuck’s guitar antics and wild gyrations were provocative stuff for suburban kids…. one thing was clear: the electric guitar presented a seriously dangerous, sexy alternative to the comparatively staid piano or the sax. At the end of the Fifties, dozens of guitar-playing Johnny B. Goodes appeared, irrevocably changing the musical landscape, all playing in small electric combos resembling those pioneered by Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters.”

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