Robert Johnson

Premier Guitar recently offered some enlightenment regarding the history of Gibson’s small-body “B series” acoustic guitars. Responding to a reader’s question, the publication noted that between 1962 and 1970, Gibson built nearly 34,000 B-25 and B-25N models.

“The small size and affordability of the B series triggered Gibson to make a lot of them,” notes the writer. “In 1965 alone, Gibson built close to 6,000 B-25 models during the height of the guitar and folk boom.”

The article further states that the B-25N featured “a spruce top, laminated mahogany sides, a mahogany back, a rosewood fretboard with 14 frets clear of the body, dot inlays, 3-on-a-plate tuners, and a plastic bridge,” adding that “it was available with a sunburst finish (B-25) or a natural finish ….”

Through the years, an array of esteemed artists – from Robert Johnson to John Hiatt – have played small-body Gibsons.