Gibson Jumbo

Charles Saufley of Premier Guitar dropped by the Gibson booth at Summer NAMM '13 to chat about the new limited-edition reproduction of the iconic 1934 Original Jumbo Acoustic. The newly-manufactured guitar is made to the precise specifications of the rare model produced nearly 80 years ago. Saufley asked for the story behind about what he calls “a living time machine.”

“There was a collector in North Carolina who had serial # 507A,” explains the Gibson representative. “Gibson took the specs of that guitar to replicate exactly that model. There were only a few [originals] made in 1934 and ‘35—even less in ’36.”

“For the benefit of our readers,” says Saufley, “explain how this guitar fits into the [Gibson acoustic] lineage. Some are far more familiar with the Advance Jumbo and what that became—the J-45 and all that.”

“It’s the first,” the Gibson representative explains. “It’s the original Jumbo that came out in 1934, in very limited quantities. We didn’t put out the J-45—the icon—until 1942. This guitar was the precursor that set everything off. This is ultimately what became something like an Advance Jumbo or J-45. This was the grandfather of all that.”

Production of the 1934 Original Jumbo is extremely limited. “We’re only doing a hundred of them,” the Gibson representative points out. “It’s an opportunity for people who wanted an original Jumbo to have one.”

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