Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson thinks there isn’t enough female-driven talent in today’s music industry. Speaking with, Manson explained that while she’s grateful that “the biggest stars de jour are female pop stars,” she believes that when it comes down to it, women don’t have much creative control over their music.

“[Women are] not being giving a lot of chances,” she said. “They are worked really hard, they are wrung dry on tour, then given new songs, which are written by men to start the process all over again. This is what I have a problem with, the lack of female opinion out there.”

Manson also stated that when Garbage broke out in the ’90s, she felt women had more power in the music scene. “Our generation felt like we had busted through a glass ceiling,” she said. “All of a sudden we were on the radio, selling records but not having the play the submissive role of a woman. Now I feel like things have returned to the way they were before we started.”

Garbage’s latest album, Not Your Kind of People, arrives in stores and online outlets today (May 15). Manson also recently stated that the members of Garbage don’t plan to part ways again.