Frank Zappa

Moviemaker Alex Winter is looking for $500,000 to complete a documentary about Frank Zappa. But if you help, there are incentives. Including the key's to Zappa's house!

Winter has said he's looking for the money in the next month. Ambitious, but so far he's raised nearly $200,000.

His film is planned to be titled Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa. Winter says: “Other docs have tried to tell Frank’s story but we’ve got something no one’s ever had – we’ve got thousands of hours of new stuff to look at.

“Frank kept pretty much everything but no one outside the family has ever had permission to use it – until now. We’re allowed to use everything – but before we can do that, we have to find out what’s here, digitise it and make sure it’s in a form we can use.”

Winter continues: “All these archives are crumbling against time – they’re eroding to dust so this isn’t just our first chance to find out what’s in here – if we don’t move fast it could be our last chance too.” Winter is offering backers a range of incentives, from Zappa ringtones through to private recording sessions.

The keys to FZ's house? Well, that'll cost you a $9 million pledge.