Mick Fleetwood

Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie have talked more about their collaboration for a duo album they will release in the summer. The album also features Mick Fleetwood and John McVie, so – as it’s to be credited as a Buckingham McVie release – it simply points to its songwriters and singers. (In which case, most ‘70s-’80s Fleetwood Mac could have been Buckingham Nicks McVie! But anyway...)

Speaking with Uncut magazine in the UK, Buckingham says, “I’ve grown up a lot since the last time I really worked with [Christine]. I realised: ‘Oh, here I am, a completely different person. I’m a father of three children. I’ve been married almost 20 years. I’ve had my journey, and Christine has had her own journey.’”

McVie describes the collaboration as “an umbilical cord that can’t be broken. It just pulls you back.”However, she also reveals that the future of Fleetwood Mac is far from certain. “The 2018 tour is supposed to be a farewell tour,” she adds “But you take farewell tours one at a time. Somehow we always come together, this unit. We can feel it ourselves.”

Even so, Stevie Nicks recently told Radio.com she thinks it’s unlikely Fleetwood Mac will actually record together again.

“I don't think we'll do another record,” Nicks says. “If the music business were different, I might feel different. I don't think there's any reason to spend a year and an amazing amount of money on a record that, even if it has great things, isn't going to sell.”

Mick Fleetwood, meanwhile, has been at SXSW talking about his new book, Love That Burns: A Chronicle of Fleetwood Mac Volume One: 1967-1974, written about the days before Buckingham and Nicks (but partially featuring Christine McVie.) The lavish book focusses on the band’s formation and early days, in particular the mercurial talents of guitarist Peter Green, to whom Fleetwood dedicates the book. There will be just 2,000 signed copies published in September 2017 by Genesis Publications and it costs over £300. Wow.

Mick Fleetwood

Of the forthcoming Buckingham McVie album he plays on, Fleetwood said; “The crafting of the album became so specifically about Chris and Lindsey, really, some time ago. It came under the heading of music that had to come out. We had a lot of fun and Chris is full of vim and vigor, which in itself is mind-blowing. And I’m really happy for Lindsey, because this is what he most likes to do, putting something together. This relationship is a real expression of a musical powerhouse that’s come to the fore, and we’re all happy about that. And [the music] is really cool; I think they’ll be walking down some red carpets with this one.”