Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo recently spoke to Classic Rock about the state of the band’s follow-up to their latest studio effort Death Magnetic from 2008. Trujillo says the band got sidetracked by the work on their upcoming IMAX release Metallica: Through The Never: “Before all the film stuff, we were jamming these ideas and having a lot of fun. But we got sidetracked.” However, Trujillo has good news for fans who are waiting for a new album from the heavy metal giants: “In 2014 it’ll be all about getting new music – without any interruptions, hopefully.”

Regarding the current state of the recording process, Trujillo admits that the band does not have any finished songs as of yet, but have plenty of jams and riffs to use as a starting point. “It feels like Death Magnetic was the launch pad – it’s the introduction to what we have now,” Trujillo said. “On the last album we had a lot of long songs. I liked that, but I also liked the short stuff too. That’s one thing I’m excited about: there’s the thrash element back in the mix. It’s kind of been missing in the past.”

When asked about how he thinks Metallica: Through The Never will be received, Trujillo said: “It can’t be any worse than the Lou Reed album! I have a feeling the fans will love it. And they’ll get their album in the next year or so.” Judging from the trailers that have been released so far, the stage and the concert footage look spectacular. Can we hope that Metallica will bring that particular stage along on the next tour?