There’s been a lot of talk about whether a Faces reunion would take place. Rod Stewart said yes, then keyboardist Ian McLagan said no. Now Faces drummer Kenney Jones says that a reunion might actually happen after all.

“We've been talking; Woody's (guitarist Ron Wood) management and myself, we were talking to Rod's management,” Jones recently said in an interview with Billboard. Apparently it was a bit of a misunderstanding that caused the conflicting statements from Stewart and Lagan. “Mac didn't realize we were talking because it was in it's early stages,” explained Jones. “But he understands full now. (Stewart) probably presumed everyone knew we were doing it, so there was nothing intentional.”

Were the Faces to go out on the road again it would most likely not happen until 2015. Jones sees the possible reunion as a great way to wrap up the band’s career: “You've got to start talking about it about a year ahead of you're going to do something. The Faces never finished on a good note (in 1975), so it would be nice to finish on a good note, and that would be that.”