Sibling band Echosmith have a new single out called “Goodbye” and a whimsical new music video to go with it. The video, which features a beauty of a Gibson Thunderbird, is playing via YouTube

“Goodbye” features the band’s trademark acoustic basis and pop-oriented hooks, bringing a catchy and raw sound. Singer Sydney Sierota describes a tale of heartbreak and saying “goodbye” to someone you once loved.

“When you finally find yourself/Tell him I said/Tell him I said/Goodbye,” she says in the lyrics.

“Goodbye” will arrive on Echosmith's upcoming, sophomore record, Inside a Dream, which is due out Sept. 29. After the album hits stores, the group will spend much of the end of the year and early 2018 on a North American tour in support of the new set.

Check out some throwback videos of Echosmith’s Gibson Entertainment performances.

Gibson videos: