The Eagles are making plans for a handful of stadium shows for 2018, says the group’s longtime manager Irving Azoff. Speaking with Best Classic Bands, Azoff revealed that the group will share the billing with veteran troubadour Jimmy Buffet.

“One word answer? Yes,” said Azoff, who went on to say that Coors Field in Denver will be the site for one of the concerts. The manager declined to specify other locales, saying that just “a handful” of dates are in the works.

“The Eagles are in an experimental phase,” he explained. “I look at this as not really an Eagles tour; it’s really a celebration of their music. We just kind of do things that feel right. I don’t know how long it’ll go.”

The Eagles

While the Eagles long-term future remains in flux, the group’s reunion earlier this year – without the late Glenn Frey -- was greeted warmly by fans. Frey’s son Deacon and country artist Vince Gill filled in for the beloved Eagles co-founder, who died in January 2016. In a separate interview with the Las Vegas Sun, Joe Walsh said he was pleased with how the shows came off.

“We didn’t know if we could do it, [but] we had to try,” explained Walsh. “Glenn’s son said ‘Okay’ and stepped up …. He doesn’t know he’s great but he’s great, and that really helped us spiritually. Then we got Vince Gill and he filled in that ghost voice in the harmonies … he’s a brilliant musician.”