Dwight Yoakam

Dwight Yoakam has been talking to MusicRadar.com about his current 3 Pears album — the singer's first set of original songs since 2005's Blame The Vain.

In the interview, Yoakam praises his Gibson and Epiphone guitars. He says, “I stumbled onto the [Epiphone] Casino a few years ago. I like the archtop effect it has in that it's something of a hybrid of a solidbody electric and an acoustic. Those gritty, grungy, buzzy single-coil P-90 pickups – and you know they pick up every weird light in the building. I have to turn away from the amp and turn it to the middle selector – and I use bridge position, too, just out of the sheer sonic violence of it.

"The Casino gave us everything Beatles, from just a little before Revolver onward. Those are the guitars on Revolver; it's Revolution, the electric version, the one that's the B-side to Hey Jude… There's nothing else that sounds like it.”

Of his Gibson Honky Tonk Deuce acoustic he adds, “Some years earlier I did the Y2K, which is the J-200 Junior, the original Everly Brothers model. I had begun using the full-sized J-200, starting with Blame The Vain. I just fell in love with it… on this album it's all Gibsons. I played the J-200 and the J-160 – you know, the Southern Jumbo, which is the Honky Tonk Deuce.

Yoakam adds, "[Gibson/Epiphone] wanted to do a variation of the Casino, and I had this idea to of taking the Firebird headstock, the reversed, the upside-down scroll, and that's what we ended up doing as the Epiphone 'Dwight Trash' Casino. It's been a ball to play.”