In an interview with Classic Metal Show, the veteran rocker said his treatment for throat problems played into his feeling that Dokken was finished.

“With chemo and radiation and my age I thought, ‘I've had a great run. God bless everybody,’” he explained. “You know, 30 years is a great run, a lot of bands had one hit and then 'adios'. But I don't know, I kind of fell in love. I think it's my dog. I have a new dog, a little golden doodle, and he's kind of inspired me. I want to stay home, and he goes, ‘grrr grrr grrr grrr,’ and that means ‘get your ass back on the road.’ I've got to feed him, so I'm writing a new Dokken record."

Dokken muddied the waters a bit by also saying he wasn’t sure his current writing sessions would turn into a new Dokken record. “I'm just writing songs," he said. "I have five done, very up-tempo, kind of like ‘Hot for Teacher’ Van Halen. Very up, happy kind of arena rock.”