Dave Mustaine, of course, played guitar in Metallica before he founded Megadeth. He even co-wrote some of the songs on Metallica’s first two studio albums, 1983's Kill 'Em All and 1984's Ride the Lightning. Speaking with LA Weekly, Mustaine named his top Metallica songs that he co-wrote.

"I like (Kill 'Em All's) 'Phantom Lord' and 'Metal Militia' because they are very interesting songs," Mustaine said. "But I think if you were going to go for my favorite Metallica song that I wrote it would probably have to be (Ride the Lightning instrumental) 'Call of Ktulu.'"

Regarding "Call of Ktulu," Mustaine said, "It stands on itself. When you have a song that can stand on itself without words that's a big statement."

Megadeth formed shortly after Mustaine left Metallica and unleashed their debut album in 1985, Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good! Megadeth will release their 15th studio album, Dystopia, on Friday (Jan. 22).