Foo Fighters

Imagine going out to eat, maybe expecting an unknown singer-songwriter as in-house entertainment, and all of a sudden one of the biggest rock stars in the world is performing a few feet from your table. That's what happened at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville last week, when Dave Grohl showed up to play some songs!

Grohl started his impromptu gig by saying "My name's Dave Grohl. I'm a drummer," according to The Tennessean. But drums was not on the agenda that night. Equipped with only an acoustic guitar, Grohl proceeded to perform a one hour set that included Foo Fighters classics such as “Big Me,” “Everlong,” "My Hero,” “Times Like These, “and “Learn to Fly."

It is not known what prompted Grohl's spur of the moment performance, but a camera crew was on site to capture the gig. Earlier that same week Grohl had played a secret show with the Foo Fighters in Washington D.C. The band is currently recording their follow-up to 2011's Wasting Light in a rather unusual manner by recording tracks at various different recording studios across the US.