Dave Davies

Legendary Kinks co-founder Dave Davies recently shared some of his guitar advice with Music Radar. Among his tips was the observation that the right instrument will speak to you.

“I’m well known for playing a Flying V from the early days, but I didn’t use one on [my latest album],” he said. “I used mainly my Gibson Nighthawk. I just walked into the Gibson showroom one day, about four years ago, and there was a Nighthawk among all the guitars they had on stands. I looked at this guitar and it spoke to me. I grew to love [that] guitar, and even now, sometimes it’s on a stand and I’ll just stare at it. It’s really funny.”

Davies also stressed that musical simplicity can often be a good thing.

“It’s sometimes a lot harder to create simple pieces of music or ideas than it is to create complicated ones,” he said. “It’s an old adage in music, that ‘less is more’ thing, and it’s so true, with lyrics as well as music and arrangement. Sometimes it’s best to step back and say, ‘What have we really got here? What are we trying to say? Let’s just go for the essence of the thing, rather than clutter it with too many ideas.’”

Davies’ latest album, Open Road, was a collaborative LP with his son, Russ Davies.