Deep Purple

Ritchie Blackmore co-founded Deep Purple almost fifty years ago and went on to release thirteen studio albums with the band. Last year he was even inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame as a member of Deep Purple. That said, Blackmore hasn’t actually played with the band in almost twenty-five years.

His last album with Deep Purple was 1993’s The Battle Rages On…and he parted ways with the band mid-tour that same year. Since then, Deep Purple – the band best known for a long line of legendary rock classics like ‘Smoke On The Water’, ‘Highway Star’, ‘Hush’, ‘Black Night’, ‘Space Truckin’ and more – have had a consistently steady line-up. Blackmore too has since occupied himself with his other bands Rainbow and Blackmore’s Night.

Would Blackmore then be up for a reunion with his old (and illustrious) band? In an interview with the German website Rock N Roll Reporter Blackmore said, "I think if they would be interested, and our schedules aligned, I would be available for one show — for nostalgic reasons.”

However, he didn’t hold out too much optimism, saying ”I don't think Deep Purple have any interest in that. They have their niche and are not into doing things like that. We are friends and I've doing my music for twenty years, and they're doing their stuff for twenty years. It's probably not likely [to happen]. Also, their management wouldn't like it, even if it was for just one show. Their management wouldn't allow it, I'm sure."

While a potential onstage reunion seems unlikely at this stage, stranger things have happened (even Pink Floyd reunited with Roger Waters after a 24-year estrangement). Stay tune to this space for more news as it happens.