Smashing Pumpkins

Billy Corgan recently revealed that his band Smashing Pumpkins would be releasing two new albums in 2015. Now Corgan has announced that none other than Tommy Lee is recording all nine drum tracks for the upcoming Monuments To An Elegy. Corgan and Lee might seem like an odd pairing at first, but the two share an affinity for electronic music.

It is clear that Corgan is quite impressed by Lee: "I’ve had the fortune of being in the room with some of the all-time greats, and when you’re that close to someone who is the best at what they do you gain insight into the way they are able to communicate to so many. Let’s call it a universal language (which music is, obviously), and in applying it with heart/soul they present intangibles that give dimension and depth to a composition which otherwise would not be as kaleidoscopic," Corgan wrote on the official Smashing Pumpkins website .

The Smashing Pumpkins mainman even went as far as comparing Lee with the late John Bonham: "Tommy hits the drums in a crushing manner, but as many fans know this is not without nuance or reaction; as he has a fantastic ear for music and plays with the songs in a means that only enhances excitement. The only other place I’ve heard this phenomena is with John Bonham of Led Zeppelin: where heavy drums can sound soft and expressive."