Chris Cornell

Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell has been talking about his new signature Gibson ES-335, built at Gibson Memphis. The Chris Cornell model comes in two lustrous variations: Olive Drab Green with Bigsby vibrato option, and a Flat Black finish with hardtail Tune-o-matic bridge.

Both models are equipped with high-quality Grover Rotomatic tuners. All hardware is treated to Gibson’s proprietary VOS process for a gently-aged vintage look. Cornell’s preferred clear control knobs add to a unique look.

And both have a pair of Jason Lollar Lollartron pickups, for a fat-but-jangly late ’50s to early ’60s humbucker-fired twang.
 “I started playing guitar to write songs,” says Cornell. “That’s why I play them. I’m not a guy doing calisthenics on a guitar… these are based on creativity, bottom line.”

Cornell loves the Lollatron pickups unique to his ES-335. “They cut through, but with a 335 body they also have finesse and sustain and musicality.” Cornell admits he doesn’t see himself as  “a virtuoso guitar player. But everyone who has seen these [guitars] seems to like ‘em.”

Do you like ‘em?

Watch Chris Cornell talking about his ES-335 signature models below.

Cornell is currently mixing dates with Soundgarden and his own solo shows. He recently inducted Heart into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and on the same night got to perform with a longtime hero, Rush drummer Neil Peart.
Full details on the Chris Cornell ES-335.