Cheap Trick have a Christmas album lined up for this year’s holiday season. As reported by Ultimate Classic Rock (and confirmed on the band’s Facebook page), the album was completed two months ago and is set for release around Halloween. The LP will be Cheap Trick’s third record in two years.

“We’ve got a few originals, and we covered songs from artists that we really like …” says bassist Tom Peterrson. “The only confusing thing about recording this record is that every song had the word ‘Christmas’ in it, so we could never keep it straight during recording, trying to figure out which song was which. [It was like], ‘Okay guys, so let’s do the Christm….. the sleigh song next.’”

Petersson declined to specify song titles, but he did say the track list includes “one standard” and a cover of a Roy Wood tune---presumably the 1973 Wizzard song, “I Wish it Could Be Christmas Everyday.” Asked about Cheap Trick’s prolific spirit, he said the group simply enjoys recording and writing together.

“It just seems very natural for us,” he says. “I can’t really explain it. People will ask for advice, and, I just don’t have any. We always search for that perfect record which you can never achieve.”

Cheap Trick