Lee Malia by Anne Erickson

Bring Me the Horizon have a major hit in “Throne.” The song – which is off the band’s latest full-length album, That's the Spirit – has hit the No. 1 spot on the active rock radio chart, knocking Breaking Benjamin’s “Angels Fall” off the top position. It’s the U.K. band’s first No. 1 song at active rock radio.

The “Throne” showing follows up Bring Me the Horizon’s success with That's the Spirit, which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 earlier this year. That was a career-high for the guys.

Bring Me the Horizon lead guitarist Lee Malia is a Gibson and Epiphone player. His Ltd. Ed. Lee Malia Signature Les Paul Custom is heard all over That’s the Spirit.

“I used my signature for everything; the whole CD," he told Gibson.com. "All the main sounds and everything is my Epiphone, and it sounds great, and that’s why I use it.”

“I play quite heavy," he added, "and they’re really heavy guitars, and they just suit the way I play. They sound great every time, and they never break.”

Photo credit: Anne Erickson