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It’s not even that much of a stretch, is it? Given that Bonnie Tyler’s biggest hit - the Jim Steinman-penned ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ from 1983 - was about an eclipse, it’s not surprising that a quick-thinking marketer thought to recruit her for a performance during the upcoming solar eclipse.

On August 21, Tyler, backed by Joe Jonas’ band DNCE, will perform her classic anthem on board a cruise ship, sailing from Orlando to the Caribbean. The performance will take place at the exact time as the 2 minute, 40 second eclipse, though the original song will have to be edited to fit within the duration of the eclipse.

Speaking to Time about the upcoming event, Tyler said, “It’s going to be so exciting. It doesn't happen very often, does it?". To what does she attribute the continued popularity of ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’? “It’s a massive song, an evergreen song that you hear on the radio all the time, whether it’s an eclipse or not”, Tyler told Time.