Which act would be the next to get inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame if it were up to rock fans? The folks at GoldDerby asked just that.

GoldDerby, a website that's focused on predicting nominees and winners for big awards, kicked off a poll asking fans which band or artist they would most like to see inducted into the Rock Hall, and roughly 4,700 people weighed in. So, what act was at the top of the list? Bon Jovi was chosen as the winner, scoring a whopping 35 percent of the vote. Jon Bon Jovi and company have been eligible for induction into the Rock Hall since 2008.

The second act fans would like to see in the Hall is the Monkees, scoring 26 percent of the vote. The Monkees have been eligible to be in the Rock Hall since 1991.

Bon Jovi

View the full list of acts who made it into the poll below.

Bon Jovi (35%) Eligible since 2008.
The Monkees (26%) Eligible since 1991.
Three Dog Night (11%) Eligible since 1994.
The Moody Blues (8%) Eligible since 1989.
The Doobie Brothers (5%) Eligible since 1996.
Boston (4%) Eligible since 2001.
Dire Straits (4%) Eligible since 2003.
The Cars (2%) Eligible since 2003.
Styx (2%) Eligible since 1997.
The Commodores (1%) Eligible since 1999.
Foreigner (1%) Eligible since 2002.