Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is old-school. Yet a new interactive video for “Like A Rolling Stone” is trying to engage with all generations of Dylan fans. Created by digital media company Interlude, it has 16 different storylines (presented as distinct TV channels), which viewers can toggle between.

The “Like A Rolling Stone” video is certainly very clever. But it could be folly. “It’s an hour and 15 minutes of content if you watch every channel from top to bottom,” director Vania Heymann tells Billboard. “It’s like a feature film inside a five-minute music video.”

The video took two months to complete. The reward? 1 million unique viewers in its first day. Click on the link below to see how it works.

The Bob Dylan industry is busy. He’s unveiling an exhibition of his own sculpture works . The Bob Dylan Complete Album Collection Vol. One is just out, containing 41 albums.

WATCH: Bob Dylan “Like A Rolling Stone”interactive video.