Well actually, that’s Ringo Starr’s trousers and George Harrison’s suit jacket. They’re part of a set actually.

Heritage Auctions is currently inviting bids for a limited edition short-sleeved knit sweater worn by Paul McCartney during the Wings tour of the UK in 1973. Described by the auction house as a “mostly blue body with black, grey and metallic-silver yolk and cuffs, featuring an embroidered black grey and silver patch of the Wings "W" logo affixed to the chest”. Given that a certain Mr. McCartney sweated into it a little over four decades ago, perhaps the starting price of $8000 is conservative.

However, that price tag is positively miniscule in comparison to the number being quoted for a set that combines a George Harrison-worn jacket and a pair of Ringo Starr’s suit trousers, both worn on the Beatles US tour of 1965 (including a performance on the Ed Sullivan Show), at the height of Beatlemania. This particular lot is for fans with deep pockets, with a starting bid of $50,000!

Of course, for fans with less extravagant tastes and smaller bank balances, there’s also a Ringo Starr ensemble consisting of a “wool sport coat and gray, white and pink striped shirt” and finished with a “with a matching pink waistcoat”, worn by Starr when he hosted Saturday Night Live in 1984. That one starts at just $2500.

Paul McCartney