Four album covers have been revealed for the new Nine Inch Nails album, Hesitation Marks. The covers will correlate to each of the album’s release formats. The artwork for each edition—digital, vinyl, CD and deluxe CD—was designed by Russell Mills, the same artist responsible for the iconic cover of NIN’s The Downward Spiral.

“This renewed collaboration very quickly suggested massive potential for the strange and the familiar to collide and collude in works that I hoped would encapsulate, by allusion, suggestion, metaphor and association, the conceptual ideas imbued in the album as well as in the undertow of its sonic world,” said Mills, in a prepared statement. “I’ve tried to make works that obliquely allude to the essence of the subject matter, to its emotional core. I hope that they will invite multiple readings.”

In total, Mills created 30 pieces of artwork for Hesitation Marks. His work will be featured throughout the album packaging.