Ozzy Osbourne

First there was an unsuccessful attempt to name an airport after Ozzy Osbourne in his hometown of Birmingham in England. Now an Australian woman has launched a campaign to have Ozzy knighted.

First of all, it's not so unusual for an Aussie to be concerned with such matters, since Australia is part of the Commonwealth and therefore under the dominion of the Queen, who would be conferring the honor upon Osbourne should the petition reach receptive royal ears. Secondly, Ozzy is set to visit the antipodes in June when Black Sabbath plays their first shows on Australian soil since the 1970s. So maybe the founder of the petition, Helen Maidotis, is hoping for an audience with the prospective Sir Osbourne to discuss the campaign.

"Ozzy has been an inspiration to many great musicians over the last 40 years," Maidiotis says. "He has taken a lot of young musicians under his wing along the way, from the late and great Randy Rhoads to Zakk Wylde and many others. He is a credit to his country and I believe that a knighthood for Ozzy is one well deserved and long overdue."

At time of publication the petition had 201 signatures. You can follow the petition's progress at Causes.com and its official Facebook page, The Knighthood Of Ozz.

Petition: http://www.causes.com/actions/1735312-ozzy-osbourne-for-a-knighthood

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheKnighthoodOfOzz