The Big 4 Concert Poster

Another week, another Anthrax story. These guys are shaping up to be the Queensryche of 2013. Last week it appeared that the newly-open lead guitar slot in Anthrax was all but certain to go back to former guitarist Dan Spitz, after longtime guitarist Rob Caggiano announced his departure from the band.

Spitz himself hadn't directly said he wanted back in, but he retweeted pretty much every single message from fans calling for his return. So it was a bit of a surprise on the weekend when Anthrax announced that Shadows Fall guitarist Jon Donais will step in for the band's forthcoming Soundwave Festival shows in Australia and the North American Metal Alliance Tour.

Anthrax's Scott Ian says, "Jon is a bro and he’s also a total [expletive] ripper. I’ve worked with him twice before on side projects and he tears it up. I’m excited to have him on my right burning up the stage with Anthrax. 13′s gonna be a good year."

Donais says, "I grew up on Anthrax, they’re the thrash scene, they’re one of The Big Four, I’d be crazy to not want to play with them. Initially, Rob called and told me he was leaving the band, and asked if I’d be interested in filling in. Then Scott called me and everything fell into place. Rob and I are using Skype to work on solos and other guitar parts, so he’s being great. I also have to give special thanks to my band – Brian, Matt, Jason and Ed – who have been incredibly supportive and encouraged me to do this."