Anthrax Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian will follow in the footsteps of fellow heavy music icon Henry Rollins by hitting the road for a spoken word tour later this year, on the heels of a successful one-off date in 2012.

Ian will perform at 16 dates in the UK in May and June for Metal Hammer magazine. "I've seen Rollins do it all these years," Ian explained to Decibel magazine. "I saw Rollins, maybe on the first time he ever did a tour I went to see what it was going to be about …it's something that I always wanted to do and I finally had the opportunity this year."

Ian said the first show, in London, went so well that he jumped at the chance to do more. "Y’know it’s weird, I know a lot of people are terrified but I don’t find public speaking terrifying for some crazy reason. Maybe there is something wrong with me!"

Although he's primarily known as a thrash rhythm master, it's not Ian's first foray into more verbal modes of expression: he's written a regular column called Scott Ian's Food Coma for Suicide Girls, and has penned several series for DC Comics. And there's a strong possibility of a book in the not-too-distant future. "Well I pretty much write all the time," Ian told Decibel. "I think the actual impetus for me to start to stand up in front of people and do this was I started compiling a lot of these stories earlier this year, and like writing them out long-form, literally typing them out, because someday I will do a book so I might as well start now having all these stories and anecdotes and things like that."