Pioneering guitarist Albert Lee was the recent subject of Music Radar’s “10 Questions” series. The British-born veteran—who’s played alongside the likes of Eric Clapton and the Everly Brothers—was asked which of his guitars he would grab first if the building were on fire.

“I guess it would be Eric [Clapton]’s Les Paul Custom that he gave me, because that would be the guitar that would be worth the most,” said Lee. “If my house was burning down, I’d need to start from scratch, you know?”

Albert Lee

Lee--who also owns a 1915 or 1916 Gibson F-4 mandolin—was also asked which guitars he would most like to add to his substantial collection. “There are two guitars I would love, maybe three. I’d like an old Gibson archtop, maybe an L-5--without the pickups--or a Super 400. I’d love a Southern Jumbo from the early 50s, similar to Don Everly’s. He did all those hits on a Southern Jumbo, but people think it was a J-200.”

The acclaimed musician had some advice for aspiring players. “I always tell guitar players that they should learn to play with other people,” he said. “You can only get so far sitting in your bedroom, but there’s an art to being able to listen to other people and play with other people. There are so many good players out there--I won’t mention any names - but they haven’t learned how to be a band member and complement each other.”