In a recent interview, KISS founding member and ex-guitarist Ace Frehley has confirmed that he and bassist Gene Simmons had written two new songs for Frehley’s next album. Speaking to Eddie Trunk, Frehley said, "I called him up and I said, 'Gene, you wanna write a few songs?' He says, 'Sure.' Because he had come to my show [in February] at the Saban theater in Los Angeles …and that's when we kind of reconnected and bonded a little…Next thing you know, he's down here and within three hours we had written two songs together, which was, like, a record, for me and him."

Given that Frehley also collaborated with KISS frontman Paul Stanley last year on his last album, it begs the question: might Frehley get back together with his old bandmates for a reunion tour? His answer: “It's something I haven't pushed and it's something that Paul and Gene haven't brought up to me. I'm just gonna let nature take its course. If the fans demand it, it'll probably get to a point where they're not gonna be able to say no”.

Ace Frehley

Naturally, Frehley’s on the fence about whether he wants to do it, only saying, it "could be a great thing for the fans. Even if I didn't wanna do it, I would do it for the fans, because we owe it to them.” Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, we hope you’re paying attention.

Frehley fans, the guitarist is still on tour, with the rest of his US tour scheduled to continue in July and an Australia/New Zealand tour planned for October 2017. Go here for all details.