Gibson Les Paul

KISS guitar legend Ace Frehley has been talking to Staten Island’s about his long-standing relationship with Gibson Les Pauls. And you know it already—Ace just loves his.

“It just has the right sound and the right sustain. It just feels right,” Ace says. “It’s like when you get the right woman. You know you got it. And you don’t want to switch.

“Some guy is doing a book on Les Pauls, and he wanted a quote from me about the Les Paul – I said something to the effect that the Les Paul is like the Marilyn Monroe of guitars. It’s an icon, and it shines through.”

Asked whether he’ll ever play with KISS again, a question which never seems to go away, Ace replied:

“It’s been 15 years but over the last two years, I’ve kind of reconnected with Paul [Stanley] and Gene [Simmons].

“I reconnected with Paul on the [Free cover] track ‘Fire and Water’ [on Frehley’s own album 2016's Origins Vol. I]. He actually shot a video with me. So that was a lot of fun and it was good to reconnect with an old buddy.

"And then more recently, I did two songs with Gene for this new studio record that will be coming out. And then I did a [Hurricane Harvey] charity event with Gene in Minneapolis. That was a big success.

“And just a couple of weeks ago, I was with Gene, he invited me to come up to Los Angeles because he was doing an event for The Vault [Simmons' mammoth box set], and he wanted me to come up and perform with him. And we exchanged some great stories. We had a lot of fun.” But that’s all Ace was saying.

The most recent model born of Gibson and Ace’s own close relationship was the Ace Frehley 1959 Les Paul Standard.