A while back we profiled Ty Segall as a young artist to keep your eye on. Segall’s latest album, the self-titled Ty Segall, was helmed in the studio by legendary producer Steve Albini. Recently, Premier Guitar spoke with Segall and fellow guitarist Emmett Kelly about their preferred guitars—noting that both men are “Gibson players.” Here are some bits: “I play a ‘69 Les Paul, but I got it looked at, and supposedly it’s a late ’50s one that just has a ’60s serial number,” said Segall. “I got it three years ago... the Les Paul is full-bodied, resonant ….The sustain is insane.… It’s like a grown-up’s version of an electric guitar.”

Kelly chimed in with his own thoughts: “The guitar I played on the record was a modified ’59 Les Paul Special,” he said. “My main guitar now is a Les Paul with P-90s.”

Segall, a frequent “do it yourself” artist, was later asked what it was like recording the new album with a full band.

“It was super fun,” he said. “I haven’t made a record with a band playing my songs in the studio before. I’ve only made records where I play everything or most instruments, so it was a great experience to just play guitar and let everyone do their thing. It creates such a different feel to have a band playing on a record. I don’t know why I hadn’t done that sooner.”

ty segall