If you think you’re a geek in obsessing over guitars and basses, spare a thought for studio nerds. They’re getting way excited because “the greatest” ever studio desk is up for auction.

It was originally at London’s fabled Abbey Road Studios 1971-1983 and is a custom EMI TG12345 MK IV console. Reaching for your wallet yet? Well, people will be soon, as the real draw is: this was the desk used to record Pink Floyd’s magnum opus Dark Side Of the Moon.

Even if you’re not a Floyd fan, Paul McCartney, Kate Bush, and The Cure also recorded on the console. It will be auctioned off later this month by Bonhams in London.

Pink Floyd

At this point, there doesn’t even appear to be a starting bid of reserve price. Maybe it’s like the most valuable of luxuries: if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it. Money, huh? It’s a gas...

The Bonhams listing says the desk comprises: “40 channels with limiter/compressor on each, 4 echo returns and 16 monitors, MK3 feature cassettes, track monitor cassettes, dual channel 16 track sync mixer, two banks of 12 pairs of microphone channels, 8 pairs of main channels to centre section, monitor level controls for tracks 1-8 on left and 9-16 on right side...

“Ernest Turner manufactured VU meters comprising 16 full size VU meters and approximately 50 channel VUs, quadrant radial faders by Painton, with approximately 1600 capacitors (many original), housed in the original semi-wrap-around frame...” and so on. Studio junkies will get it.

The Floyd association is the main draw, though. Alan Parsons, Dark Side of the Moon's producer, commented in an interview with Premier Guitar in 2012, "...the band members were experienced in the studio. They arguably were the most technically minded band out there. They knew what a recording studio was capable of, and they took full advantage. And they worked me hard — they always worked their engineers hard to push the barriers...."

Floyd’s Nick Mason said “Alan had acquired – as all EMI trainees did – a remarkably thorough knowledge of all aspects of working in a recording studio. He was a bloody good engineer. But he also had a very good ear and was a capable musician in his own right.”

Bid at Bonhams! No chairs included. But “this lot will be accompanied by a vintage photo of Pink Floyd promoting The Dark Side of the Moon.” Interested now?