Jade Puget by Anne Erickson

AFI are coming up on the release of their ninth studio album, Burials, on Oct. 22, and the California-based band is getting ready to embark on a club tour to get fans pumped for the new tunes.

AFI guitarist Jade Puget is a Gibson loyalist, and I caught up with Puget to chat about his love for Les Pauls.

When asked about the main reasons why Gibsons are a good fit with Puget’s guitar playing style and AFI’s sound, he replied, “The sound of it, of course. You have to have a good-sounding guitar. That’s pretty much the No. 1 concern.”

“Then, the look,” he added. “They look classic. No matter what Les Paul you play, it’s going to look cool. There’s a lot of history behind Gibson. You can’t go wrong with a Les Paul. It’s just a great guitar.”

Check back next week for Gibson.com’s full interview with Puget. For a list of AFI’s upcoming tour dates, visit the band’s official website.

Photo credit: Anne Erickson.