Here we go, A Perfect Circle fans! The Maynard James Keenan-fronted outfit has announced full details on their upcoming album. Eat the Elephant, which marks the band’s follow-up to 2004’s eMOTIVe, will arrive on April 20 via BMG. 

“Demos are these precious ideas that you love in their initial state,” guitarist Billy Howerdel says in a statement. “Then you collaborate, invite other ideas, and watch them progress. That’s the dynamics and growth of a great record. I feel we’ve made a great record.”

As for the April 20 release date, Keenan says that date is in honor of a close friend: "Although I’m extremely excited to finally be completing this album after a 14-year hiatus, I’m actually more excited that its intentional release date is serving a greater purpose. The 20th of April is Carina Round’s birthday. She is a dear friend who is extremely difficult to shop for. Pressure off..."

Eat the Elephant, which was co-produced by Dave Sardy, will be available in multiple formats, including digital, CD, double gatefold 180-gram vinyl and as a special box set. For Record Store Day, the band will unleash a limited-edition independent retail exclusive version of the LP on white 180-gram vinyl with an alternate cover.

Howerdel is a loyal Les Paul player.

"My main guitar is a 1960 reissue that is actually a happy accident," he told in a previous interview. "I was a guitar tech for Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails on their Downward Spiral Tour in 1994 or 1995. I went through a ton of guitars; let’s say 137 Les Pauls I had gone through. This was, by far, the best-sounding and playing one. I usually repaired all the guitars coming through. This guitar, the headstock got ripped off when it was thrown into the crowd, so I was trying to find a donor headstock for it. So, I got to put it back together, and it got put back together at the wrong angle for some reason, and the two woods didn’t match up. But, it was definitely a happy accident, and it lent itself to being more playable. It’s my favorite guitar. Anyone who has ever played it knows it’s something special." 

A Perfect Circle

A Perfect Circle's Eat the Elephant Track List:

Eat the Elephant
The Contrarian
The Doomed
So Long, And Thanks for All the Fish
By and Down the River
Get the Lead Out