As part of its ongoing ‘Old Gold’ series, guitar and instrument website Music Radar recently featured a 1964 Gibson Firebird VII.

The article talks about how the radical design was conceived by car designer Ray Dietrich, who’d previously worked on designs for Lincoln and Packard and mentions his attempt to reach out to rock ‘n’ roll fans of the time. The piece goes on to mention some of the instrument’s most famed players, stating that, “arguably, it was Johnny Winter who led the charge, but players as diverse as Skunk Baxter, Elliot Easton, Eric Clapton, Mick Taylor and Dave Grohl were ultimately to succumb to its charms.”

Johnny Winter

According to the article, “today, the Firebird is highly regarded as an instrument that has risen, phoenix-like, from the ashes of a disappointing initial production-run to have its distinctive voice heard across a panoply of the globe’s guitaristas.” 

Read the full article on Music Radar here and find out more about the modern Gibson Firebird here.