SG Special

As part of its “Vintage Vault” series, Premier Guitar recently presented an in-depth look at a 1961 Gibson SG Special sporting a beautiful “TV Yellow” finish. As the author points out, the formerly dubbed Les Paul Special was renamed “SG” in late 1959, and then later, in 1961, was given a new slim shape and beveled contours.

“These comfortably rounded edges were especially important,” observes the author, “since they were positioned where a player’s arm would rest. The new double-cutaway body left easy access to all 22 frets.”

The “Vintage Vault” SG’s TV Yellow finish was a standard feature for the model prior to the redesigned thin body shape. “The color was replaced later [in 1961] by an opaque creamy white,” states the profile. “The 1961 list price was $210. The current value for one in excellent all-original condition is $7,500.  Artists known for using Gibson SG Specials for recordings and live work are Carlos Santana, Robby Krieger from the Doors, and Pete Townshend from the Who.”

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