Gibson Top Ten News


It’s been another crazy, wild week in the world of rock and roll. After weeks on rumors, the Stones finally announced tour dates, Alex Lifeson praised his Axcess model and Black Sabbath were found hard at work in the studio with legendary producer Rick Rubin. Ritchie Blackmore said he didn’t care about the Hall of Fame while Slash worked on his horror movie score. Finally, an album of Iron Maiden hits played on classical guitar. Now that’s rock and roll!

1. The Rolling Stones Announce Tour Dates

2. Alex Lifeson Loves his Axcess Model

3. Black Sabbath Hard at Work in the Studio

4. Led Zeppelin Talk “Celebration Day”

5. Soundgarden’s Kim Thayil Talks “King Animal”

6. Slash Working on Score for New Horror Movie He’s Co-Producing

7. Foo Fighters Cut Track with Rick Springfield

8. Pete Townshend Talks Ghosts

9. Ritchie Blackmore “Couldn’t Care Less”

10. Iron Maiden Classics on Classical Guitar