Gibson Top Ten News

It’s been another fascinating week in the crazy world of rock and roll. Joe Bonamassa signed up to honor Chuck Berry, Linkin Park passed one million hits on YouTube and Billy Corgan promised a “cruel record.” Eric Clapton promised a new album and tour to mark his 50 years in the biz while Iron Maiden announced that they will headline next summers noise-fest at Download in England. Finally, Gibson and Marshall teamed up for a limited edition Custom Les Paul to mark 50 years of loud. Now that’s rock and roll!

1. Gibson and Marshall Partner on Custom Les Paul

2. Joe Bonamassa and Earl Slick to Honor Chuck Berry

3. Linkin Park Pass One Billion Hits on YouTube

4. Smashing Pumpkins Album will be a “Cruel Record”

5. Iron Maiden to Headline Download Festival 2013

6. Led Zeppelin Members to Reunite for Celebration Day Event in London

7. Eric Clapton Promises New Album, Tour in 2013

8. Guitar Seminar at Roberts Music Institute

9. Aerosmith Extend “Global Warming Tour”

10. ZZ Top Earn a Big First