Gibson Top Ten News

It’s been another fascinating week in the crazy world of rock and roll. Zakk Wylde paid tribute to Les Paul, and veteran folkie Pete Seeger recorded with Bruce Springsteen and Tom Morello. Blur played the fabled 100 Club in London and Peter Frampton tweeted that he’d been hit by a texting driver. Aerosmith are recording with Johnny Depp and Julian Lennon and The Boss played his longest concert set ever. Now that’s rock and roll!

1. Zakk Wylde’s Video of the Week: A Les Paul Tribute

2. Pete Seeger, 93, with Springsteen, Morello...

3. Les Paul Studio Review

4. Blur Reunite to Play London’s 100 Club

5. Rush to Receive Guitar Center "RockWalk" Honors

6. Trivium’s Matt Heafy: ‘Gibson Guitars Embody Everything I Want’

7. Peter Frampton Says He was Hit by Texting Driver

8. New Aerosmith Album Features Julian Lennon, Johnny Depp

9. Muse Reveal New Album Artwork

10. Bruce Springsteen Plays His Longest Set Ever