Gibson Top Ten News

It’s been another crazy, wild week in the world of rock and roll. Ace Frehley announced he was penning another set of his fascinating memoirs while Joe Walsh said that the James Gang was alive and well. Baldwin piano prodigy Ethan Bortnick picked up a world record and former Eagles picker Don Felder announced a star-studded solo album. Tak Matsumoto revealed the details of his new solo album as Slash prepared for some U.K. dates. Oh, and some Spanish boffins discovered that pop music all sounds the same. Now that’s rock and roll!

1. Slash on Tour

2. Official: Pop Music Now Sounds All the Same

3. Tak Matsumoto to Release Solo Album on Aug. 7

4. KISS’s Ace Frehley is Writing Another Book

5. Joe Walsh: James Gang is ‘Alive and Well’

6. Ethan Bortnick Gets Guinness World Record

7. Former Eagles Guitarist Don Felder to Release Star-Studded Solo Album

8. British Rock Legends Request Crackdown on Illegal Downloads

9. ’57 Les Paul is Motörhead Guitarist’s Favorite Guitar

10. Dave Grohl: ‘If it Weren’t for The Beatles, I Would Not Be a Musician’