The Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr has been a busy man lately. He just finished remastering 45 songs for the forthcoming double CD release The Sound of The Smiths; he joined The Cribs, who will perform a handful of shows in February ’09 before heading into the studio; and to everyone’s disappointment he squashed all rumors about a possible Smiths reunion.

So when I visited his Web site to catch up on the latest news from Johnny, I expected to simply click on the “News” link and be done with it. Instead, I was side-tracked by a savory little link entitled “Guitars,” in which Johnny showcases about two dozen vintage guitars in his collection, which he calls “guitarchestra.” Here’s a small sample of what we found. Get a napkin, because you’re going to need something to wipe the drool from your chin.

1966 Gibson ES-335 12-string

“This is a 1966 Gibson 335 12 String. They came in three colours: Black, Red and Sunburst. I still have a red one. I gave my Sunburst one to Bernard Butler.

1961 Gibson Les Paul Special

This is a 1961 Gibson Les Paul Special that I used with Electronic.

1963 Epiphone Casino

The 1963 Epiphone Casino that I used to record the main tremolo sound on "How Soon Is Now.” I recorded the rhythm part and then sent the track out to four Fender Twin Reverbs all with tremolo on and had to keep stopping the song when the amps went out of sync. It took quite a long time. I wrote "Nowhere Fast" on this guitar and played it at the Glastonbury Festival in 1984. The picture on the inside of Hatful Of Hollow was taken in the dressing room before we went on stage so I have the guitar on in that picture.

1959 Gibson ES-355

This is a custom colour 1959 Gibson 355 that I used on "Forbidden City" with Electronic. It's on the cover of Get The Message, The Best Of Electronic.

1954 Gibson ES-295

This is a 1954 Gibson 295 or "Scotty Moore" that I used in the video for "The Boy With The Thorn In His Side" and on some of The Queen Is Dead album.

Blonde Gibson SG

This Blonde Gibson SG was made for me and is a one of a kind.

1959 Les Paul Standard

My 1959 Gibson Les Paul. I used this guitar on a lot of Mindbomb and Dusk by The The; "Good Morning Beautiful", "Sodium Light Baby", "The Violence Of Truth". I used it at Wembley Stadium on Mandela Day too.

Gibson J-160 Acoustic

I got this J160 from Denmark Street when I moved to Earl's Court in 1984. I wanted one because John Lennon used one on the early Beatle's albums and I liked "I Should've Known Better" and "I'll Be Back". I wrote "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want" on it and "William It Was Really Nothing.”
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