Min-ETune™ system

For decades, guitarists have dreamed of a guitar that never goes out of tune, of spending less time tweaking, checking, wondering and adjusting. In short, a system that lets them spend less time tuning, and more time rocking. Now Gibson’s new Min-ETune™ system provides the closest thing to making that impossible dream a reality. Min-ETune™ is an affordable, compact, modification-free automatic tuning system for everyone.

Previously available only on Gibson’s full-scale “Robot” guitars, as a system wired in between the guitar’s controls and the motorized tuners, the automatic tuning system in the new Min-ETune™ is entirely self-contained and mounts to the standard tuner holes at the back of the headstock, with the “brain”, controls, and battery all housed in a compact box that bridges between the three bass-side and three treble-side tuners. Not only is it available as an affordable upgrade option on a wide range of Gibson guitars — the new 2013 models feature the Min-ETune™ on the Les Paul and SG ’50s, ’60s, ’70s and Future Tribute Series, as well as on the Les Paul Signature “T” and the Les Paul Studio.

Min-ETune™ system

For such a compact system, the Min-ETune™’s capabilities are truly impressive. At the player’s command, Min-ETune™ instantly sets your guitar to any one of 12 popular factory-stored preset tunings or one of six user-programmable presets, usually in an average of about three seconds, with just a strum of the guitar. The tuners’ incredible 40:1 gear ratio (standard tuners range from 12:1 to 15:1) works with unprecedented accuracy. The minimal profile of the Min-ETune™ also means that your guitar of choice looks entirely standard from the front, with nothing showing from around the back of the headstock other than the vintage-style tuner keys so it doesn’t spoil the classic Gibson look.

Min-ETune™ system from front

Aside from the convenience of easy and near-instant standard tuning, the creative potential unlocked by the Min-ETune™ is remarkable. Most players are already aware of the broad world of new sounds and playing styles available to them by “alternate” tunings, but many avoid them purely because of the hassle. With Min-ETune™ in place, however, you have instant access to factory presets for these popular tunings in two banks:

  • Standard
  • Low D
  • Drop-D
  • Eb
  • Double Drop-D
  • Open E
  • Open A
  • Open D
  • Open G
  • Dobro
  • All 4th

A third bank of six further presets is available for the player to program his or her own favorite alternative tunings, whether they are other conventional options not included at the factory, or totally original tuning concoctions.

Need to go from a song in Standard tuning to a blues-slide piece in Open D, then to a country-rock rave up in Open G? No more changing guitars or losing the crowd’s attention while you laboriously re-tune on stage. In less time than it takes to set one guitar on a stand and strap on another, the Min-ETune™ takes you where you need to be, enabling a dynamic and seamless flow to your stage show.

Min-ETune™ system

One of the Min-ETune™ system’s best features is its utter simplicity. To tune your entire guitar, simply push the “On” button in the corner of the Min-ETune™ control unit, strum all strings open and watch the six LEDs —E B G D A E— turn to green, indicating that the strings are in tune. To tune to an “alternate” tuning simply push the “On” button twice to access the presets. When tuning is finished, Min-ETune™ switches itself of automatically to preserve battery life.

And if you forgot your battery, Min-ETune™ doesn’t get in your way. Simply turn the tuning keys manually and tune up the good old-fashioned way. Although with a full 80 to 100 tunings between charges, that isn’t something you can expect to do very often!

More than just efficient, affordable, versatile and powerful, the Min-ETune™ is truly a creative tool that you can’t do without. It’s a huge boost to the live performer, the touring professional and the beginner and novice player alike. Check it out now at your authorized Gibson dealer, and get it on one of the great 2013 Gibson guitar models that come with Min-ETune™.

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